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Meet The Wildcheff

Meet Denny Corriveau of Amesbury, massachuesetts. Denny has a great product line, and is available for guest appearances. See him soon on the Outdoors Channel for more info

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I was on the phone with our newest member,today, Darrel Oliver who hails from Pasco County, a part of Florida that has been called home for me since 1974. Mom and dad still live there and so do my brother, nieces,nephews and my own daughter Marie.

In addition to looking at local and state laws, getting insurance,writing a business plan.I was recommending a list of podcasts to listen to and made up the following list I recommend. I hope others can add to this list!

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The list goes on and on if you plan on handling skunks listen to the skunks series, beavers -listen to those on beavers, bats we have a 4 part series on bat control, birds-resolving Bird Problems Series etc.

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David Beats Goliath-Landmark Decision In The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals

I had a chance to interview Mr. Alan Merrifield and who gratefully shared his story with The Wildlife Pro Network. I highly encourage all in the wildlife control industry and anyone who is fighting for the opportunity to operate a business and facing an uphill battle and laws enacted in their own states to listen to what Alan has to say here in my interview. His case and his victory in the courts is a story for all Americans to learn even the little guy has a chance against all odds.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking the link below:

The Alan Merrifield Interview, Wildlife Control Professional Wins Big Victory In The US Ninth Circuit of Appeals, 6 Jan 2009

Alan Merrifield owns Urban Wildlife Management, a California based business that performs nonpesticide animal removal and exclusion. He has 30 years of experience and holds several license certifications from the state and wildlife control trade groups.

Obtaining a license as required by California prior to this ruling all applicants had to pass a 200-question pesticide examination and have two years’ experience in handling pesticides--and yet Mr. Merrifield doesn't even use pesticides.

"Consumers no longer will have to take what is offered to them by the pesticide industry by putting up Decon or other poison baits in structures."

"We are recommending that Consumers find the opening, close them and trap the animals out and if they happen to be locked in provide one way doors to allow the animals leave on their own"

"I have been fighting the use of pesticides in buildings for over 30 years. This is an issue near and dear to my heart."

"The good news is that Wildlife controllers don't have to take it anymore. There are more and more legal precedents out there to help fight the system.We no longer have to go out and hide behind the trees anymore. We should be able to go out and pursue the occupation of our choice. We have a Constitutional right to do that and now be able to express those rights"

California law required that Merrifield also get a “Branch 2 Structural Pest Control Operators’ License” to use nonpesticide techniques on pigeons, rats, and mice. (Yet No license was required for treating other vertebrate pests, like bats, raccoons, or skunks.)

This unreasonable licensing rule was designed simply to protect established pest control companies against fair competition by Mr. Merrifield, the judges held, and ruled that was not a legitimate goal for the government to pursue. This important victory has now helped clear the way for entrepreneurs to pursue their constitutional right to earn a living.

For wildlife controllers and other business entrepreneurs they need to go to the web site of the Legal Foundation PacificLegal.Org and review his case. below you find a letter posted by Alan to The Wildlife Pro Network.

Fellow Wildlife Control Operators,

It is my distinct honor to inform you that the California CO Association has won another legal battle in defense of our constitutional right to earn an honest living without having to overcome undue government interference.

On January 6th, the Ninth United States Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the State's petition for en banc hearing of our case. Had 14 judges approved the State's request, we would have had to file another brief and make still another oral argument before an 11 judge panel. But that's not going to happen now. Unless the State of California decides to file a Writ of Certiorari asking the United States Supreme Court to intervene, this case is over after a very long six year series of courtroom battles.

This legal victory represents the very first time since 1868 that an state occupational licensing law was overturned and found unconstitutional. It is only the second time in the entire history of the United States that the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution has been used to smash a state-sponsored cartel. This was truly a David versus Goliath encounter where David kicked ass again.

The case of Merrifield v Lockyer is a landmark case establishing a number of legal precedents. important to entrepreneurs in general and Wildlife Control Operators in particular. I will be organizing my thoughts and will be speaking out on the meaning of this groundbreaking news in the near future. Until then, I encourage WCOs everywhere to become familiar with the legal principals established in this case and then explore the possibilities of using the decision to support unfair laws and regulations in your respective states.

Alan Merrifield

Wildlife Operator's Assistance Fund

Kirk La Pierre Discusses The Wildlife Operator's Assistance Fund
by Robb Russell, The Wildlife Pro Network

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina an informal group of people within the industry got together an formed a financial assistance group for those affected by the storm. One of those who first benefited from this program then was Charles Parker, , who services the New Orleans, Louisiana area.

Another NWCO (nuisance wildlife operator) who was called up and deployed to IRAQ and his family needed heat for their home! WOAF was able to put that soldiers mind at ease and help a NWCO's family ride it through what would of been a cold winter. The spirit of NWCO's helping NWCO's was a great thing and what is needed now is actually to take this informal group and get it formalized and recognized as part of a component of the industry.

Recently the hunting accident experienced by Nick Pallo on Dec 17, 2009 quickly made many of realize an actual fund to help fellow NWCO's was needed and the need to actually form a 503(c) Corporation formed.

Kirk in the interview stated that although their is a call to form and possibly even rename the group to another name like WOLF (Wildlife Operator Life Fund) is OK but the most important thing to remember the nuisance wildlife control industry will always have a need to have a active fund supported.

[caption id="attachment_160" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="PLENTY OF PATCHES LEFT TO GET US STARTED."]PLENTY OF PATCHES LEFT TO GET US STARTED.[/caption]

Kirk said we already have the patches, signs and stuff for fund raising booths and what is needed now for folks to join us and get the committee off the ground. We need leaders who support the industry and step in and help us form our corporation.

[caption id="attachment_161" align="alignnone" width="294" caption="EXAMPLE OF WOAF DISPLAYS STILL ON HAND"]EXAMPLE OF WOAF DISPLAYS STILL ON HAND[/caption]

For those interested in getting this NWCO assistance group off the ground please contact Kirk LaPierre ,201-933-9700 his email is or Robb Russell,386-454-7474 his email is You can learn more about this at

You can listen and watch the video and find out more and help!

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Kirk LaPierre on CWCP Program

Kirk LaPierre on the Certified Wildlife Control program.

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Tim Sandefur- Champion of Entrepreneur Rights

Timothy Sandefur, of The Pacific Legal Foundation was not a co-plaintiff in the Merryfield v. Lockyer case. He was the lawyer that both tried it and won it. He carried the sword and led the fight for not only the rights of Wildlife Controllers but the rights of every American citizen.

The Pacific Legal Foundation is a non-profit legal foundation that provides free legal representation to folks like Alan Merrifield, of Urban Wildlife Control In California.


The Pacific Legal Foundation defends private property rights and economic freedom in courts, seeking to establish important legal precedent that all entrepreneurs and property owners can use to protect themselves against government intrusiveness.

I personally took a special interest in this case since it spelled out to the State of California that there business regulations requiring wildlife control professionals to possess a “Branch 2 Structural Pest Control Operators’ License” to use non-pesticide techniques on pigeons, rats, and mice was declared unconstitutional. (Yet No license was required for treating other vertebrate pests, like bats, raccoons, or skunks.) This unreasonable licensing rule was designed simply to protect established pest control companies against fair competition by Mr. Merrifield, the judges held, and ruled that was not a legitimate goal for the government to pursue. Remarkably Mr Merryfield could not install spikes on a building to control pigeons yet legally could use the same spikes to control seagulls.


For a related story -->

This case affects all business entrepreneurs not just those in Wildlife Control .This momentous victory in the Ninth District Court of Appeals will effect law for years to come across the United States.

In This interview I asked Tim Six Questions:

1- Can you tell me in in your own words what the Merryfield vs. Lockyer case means to me as a wildlife control professional?

2- What impact will this law play in the lives of all Americans?

3- I have shared with you current law on the books with the State of Florida. Similar laws exist in other states like Texas. How are we NWCO's in these states affected today?

4- What are the chances the Supreme Court can over turn this ruling?

5- What other case law should those in our industry use to affect law directed at us in the future?

6-Do you feel NWCOA-National Wildlife Control Operators Association should of joined Mr Merryfield as a co-plaintiff in your case?

The first nine and one half minutes is included on the video below. For the full interview 24 minutes please visit or our Podscasting host

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